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Indian investors pour into women’s cricket

Europen February 12 The Indian women’s cricket team will face arch-rivals Pakistan in the Women’s T20 World Cup in South Africa. This will be a grand sports meeting. It will also be a potentially lucrative opportunity for the players to showcase their skills before heading back home to Mumbai for a fascinating commercial cricketing event the next day.

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India’s cricket executives to hold player auction for inaugural Women’s Super Leaguewpl), a domestic match will be held in Mumbai from March 4-26. In the case of the men’s edition, the Indian Premier League (ipl) is a guide that the televised auction will be almost as popular in India as cricket itself. And the bidding to allocate players and determine their salaries will be fierce.Top Indian players expected to earn as much money in three weeks wpl Just like they did for a year with the national team. Foreign players will also be up for grabs. New Zealand cricket captain Sophie Devine said ahead of the World Cup it was “naive to think it wouldn’t be a distraction”.

this ipl, launched in 2008, has had a huge impact on cricket. one for-television Match, it was a huge commercial hit.Five-year TV and streaming rights ipl Sales last year totaled $6.2 billion, making it the second-most valuable sports franchise by media rights. Among other things, the league has significantly increased the earnings of top cricketers. Some hope—and some fear— wpl There will be a similar impact on the women’s game.

number involved wpl Already impressive. The rights to the first five annual seasons were sold last month for 9.5 billion rupiah ($115 million). A few days later, investors paid a total of 46.7 billion rupees (more than $1 billion) to own five franchise teams.Before pitching, this shows wpl Possibly the second most valuable women’s sports franchise behind the largest women’s basketball league in the United States Wemba.

cause concern again iplExamples of possible impacts involving wpl throughout the women’s game.The lure of lucrative contracts may motivate players to quit their national teams in favor of wplThis is a particularly sensitive issue in cricket, which has been largely organized around international matches since it was first played (between the United States and Canada) in 1844. ipl Significantly weakened their dominance in men’s cricket; minor international cricket was played in the meantime.

However, this may not be a concern given that women’s cricket attracts far fewer spectators than men’s. Just seeing a women-owned business attract so much attention in India is already positive. Only 19% of Indian women aged 15 or over are employed, a lower percentage than Pakistan or Bangladesh.if wpl Encouraging Indian parents to be more aspirational for their daughters will succeed in one important way.

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