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Is Thailand’s gay drama the next K-pop?

TonHe “2gether Cafe”, The pop-up restaurant on the second floor of Tokyo’s Tower Records Shibuya building is the gathering place for the new Asian craze.The visitors, all women, swoon over wall-to-wall photos of “2gether: The Series” stars Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin, a Thai television A drama about two students who are in love. The actors, all men, are depicted exchanging flirtatious glances and hugs. Upbeat Thai pop music plays in the background. “I didn’t know there were such handsome men in Thailand,” Kobayashi said.loyal fan of television series, she is therefore learning Thai.

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Thai soap opera about a gay romance, generally known as “Boy’s Love” (bill of lading) or sometimes “Y-Series”, are stealing hearts all over Asia. While the first shows appeared in 2014, the genre (including more than a hundred series to date) took off outside Thailand during the covid-19 lockdown, in part because many shows are available on YouTube.In Japan, the main market, labels Thai Or “Thai Swamp” – referring to the addictive nature of the show – is popular on social media.Promotion in Thailand bill of lading Content at international trade fairs. In June 2021, the industry received 360 million baht ($10.4 million) of foreign investment.

bill of lading Originated from a Japanese manga storyline that became popular in the 1990s. It has always been consumed mostly by straight women, just like the Thai TV version. “I saw two handsome men together. It was a feast for my eyes!” said 20-year-old Japanese fan Kobayashi Otoha. Rujirat Ishikawa, a Thailand scholar at Tokyo’s Aoyama Gakuin University, says some women find it liberating to think of romance as a sexual “outsider,” with no female protagonist to make them feel jealous.

For the show’s Thai producers, another group of dainty young men – Korean ones – has achieved global success Potassium– Pop star – was another inspiration.they copied Potassium– Popular business model, including extensive use of “fan service” such as meet and greets to increase revenue.Poowin Bunyavejchewin of Thammasat University in Bangkok called Thai bill of lading A “melting pot” where “Japanese ingredients and Korean ingredients” are mixed.

Thailand bill of ladingThe success of the show also began to attract a more gay audience.According to a recent survey, more than 20% of television Fans of shows in Thailand are all gay. This may be due in part to the growing number of storylines about the discrimination they face, despite Bangkok’s reputation as a gay mecca. The very success of these shows is a denunciation of this chauvinism. “These days, you see bill of lading The couple appeared in large commercials in public. This was unthinkable in the past,” Mr Bunyavejchewin said.

This puts the Thai government in a slightly awkward position.while hugging bill of lading The show has the potential to boost Thailand’s soft power, but it tends to downplay gay content in its promotion; it also opposes same-sex marriage.Back in 2007, the government briefly banned bill of lading Comics restricted by obscenity laws. Production companies will be careful not to spark another backlash. “If they go too far, they could be overwhelmed,” Ms Ishikawa warned. In Thailand, where boy love is all the rage, gay rights are not so much.

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