2021 Chevy Silverado officially gets Sierra’s multi-function tailgate

In a confirmation of earlier reports, the Chevy Silverado is getting the multi-function tailgate from the GMC Sierra. But it’s arriving sooner than expected, as it will be available on the 2021 model early next year. Reports had suggested it could be a 2022 development, so this is good news for people who wanted a fancy tailgate and a bow-tie badge.

Because it’s so not the GMC Sierra, the Silverado’s tailgate is called MultiFlex rather than MultiPro. But as you can see from the video above, it works just like the GMC version. There’s a portion of the tailgate that can flip open to allow some space for oddly sized loads or to be used as a step. The step flap can also pop up to act as a sort of stop or mini tailgate for some long loads.

The MultiFlex tailgate is seemingly one of a few noteworthy updates to the Silverado line. More information on the new model year truck will be released on September 21.


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