Icon’s Old School Edition Chevy Thriftmaster pickup blends old and new

Icon is best known for its restored and re-engineered 4x4s, but the Chatsworth, California company is also heavily into vintage pickups. We were fortunate enough to drive a blue 1952 Chevrolet Thriftmaster not long ago, and now Icon has rolled out another example of this classic vintage pickup.

This 1950 Chevy started life as a 3100 5-window half-ton pickup, and Icon founder and lead designer Jonathan Ward describes it as the first of the company’s Old School Edition Thriftmaster builds. (The previous Thriftmasters and other vintage pickups the company has done were bespoke trucks.)

Icon borrows for the truck the Thriftmaster name that Chevrolet used on the six-cylinder engine that originally powered it. This one-time farm truck has been completely transformed mechanically while preserving and enhancing its classic appearance. The chassis now features an independent front and rear suspension, a lowered ride height and modern disc brakes by Wilwood. Under the hood is a GM LS3 V8 engine making 430 horsepower and connected to a 4L85-E column-shifted automatic transmission.

Outside, the olive green and off-white finish is set off with refurbished chrome and a truck bed lined with African teak wood. Inside, the bench seat with fold-down armrest is upholstered in saddle leather, which is used also on the door panels and the headliner. It also wraps the off-white steering wheel, which frames a set of classic round gauges. Modern amenities include a Bluetooth stereo and air conditioning.

Icon will make one for you, and clients are invited to customize all aspects of the build. The choices are extensive — far more than faced by the farmer who originally bought this Chevy some 70 years ago.

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