Infiniti QX60 Monograph Previews Future Design of Crossover SUV

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “monograph” is defined as “a written account of a single thing.” In the case of the Infiniti QX60 Monograph concept, it is a designed account of a single thing and, perhaps unsurprisingly, that thing is an SUV. It previews the changes that are coming to Infiniti’s design language that will likely feature on a number of their upcoming models, starting with the brand’s most popular model, the QX60.

Originally called the JX35, the current QX60 has been around since the 2013 model year with only minor tweaks since its release. That means a full redesign is overdue, and the Monograph shows where the revised QX60 is headed. Infiniti says the new design is both “elegant and muscular,” and the Monograph’s long shoulder line and well-executed floating roof design all help it stand out from the current mid-size SUV crowd.

But the more you look at the Monograph, the more details pop out. There’s a new look to the Infiniti grille, a more complex design for the wheels, and a simplified head- and taillight design. There’s also chrome. Lots of chrome. The skid plates on the front and rear bumpers, the window surround, the entire grille, the roof rails, and parts of the wheels are all very shiny indeed.

Shiny, but better? We’ve called the current QX60 boring, and the Monograph is an improvement on that front. Hopefully this design study is the first step towards fixing the QX60’s somewhat stale image.

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