Ken Block’s daughter Lia will learn to drift in Fox Body Mustang

Be prepared to add Ken Block’s daughter, Lia, to the list of people you’d like to be. After all, what can be better than getting driving lessons from the Hoonigan himself? Well, as it turns out, Block himself found a way to top that by building his daughter her very own Fox Body drift machine for her 14th birthday — and documented all of it on YouTube, of course. 

“The 90’s were iconic for many reasons, the style, the music, Z Cavaricci Pants, but most importantly, the drop top 5.0 Fox Body Ford Mustang,” Block’s video description reads.

“I wanted to do something special for my daughter, Lia’s 14 birthday. So we enlisted the help of 90’s icon and 5.0 aficionado, Vanilla Ice, to bring our Carcaine Inspired Fox Body purchase up to 90’s hot-boi spec. With a full restoration from featuring suspension from Maximum Motorsports, Rotiform Wheels, Toyo Tires, Borla Exhaust, and a Scottidi angle Kit the Carcaine Destiny Stang is ready to party,” it says.

Block then tweeted the build video along with a teaser from the man himself. 

Block and the rest of the Hoonigan team approached the project precisely the way a father and his friends should: by finding a way to both anticipate his daughter’s educational needs and thoroughly embarrass her on the Internet. By all accounts, they appear to have succeeded, and it has all been preserved for posterity in the YouTube video above. 

“Ken’s daughter, Lia, has a birthday coming up. We thought it would be proper to give her a surprise — something she’s really, desperately going to need in the future,” Zac “Chop Daddy” Mertens says at the top of the video, before helping Block introduce Lia to the completed Fox Body build. “I hope you’re stoked,” Mertens said to Block’s daughter. 

“I’m scared,” Lia replies, before Block even has the chance to show her the pre-recorded introductory message from the one and only Vanilla Ice.

The Hoonigan team scored a “clapped-out” (their words) 5.0-liter convertible from Colorado, drove it back to Salt Lake City, Utah, and promptly went to work turning it into a drift car. The crew left nothing untouched, including the paint. What started as a rough, sun-faded silver Fox Body on its last legs was transformed into a gleaming white clone of Mr. Ice’s famous five-point-oh. 

Most of the build details are in the video, which is absolutely worth a watch, and with Fox Body values on the rise, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Hey, after enough time, maybe even Vanilla Ice can be non-ironically cool too? 

Nah, probably not. 

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