Lincoln and SBE Continue Hospitality Partnership With Navigator, Aviator

A little more than two years ago, Lincoln and SBE announced a partnership that made the American automotive luxury brand the “official luxury vehicle” of a number of the hospitality group’s hotels. At the time, guests at eight different SBE properties were given the opportunity to get carted about in top-of-the-line Lincoln Navigator Black Label SUVs and Continental Black Label sedans.

Now, Lincoln and SBE are at it again. The two brands announced a continued commitment to the partnership, which allows those staying at the likes of the Hudson Hotel in New York City, the Delano in Miami’s South Beach, and the Mondrian in Los Angeles to enjoy the comfortable quarters of Lincoln’s Navigator or Aviator SUVs. 

That’s right, posh hotel goers, Lincoln no longer plans to use Continentals at SBE properties; the brand will instead rely on its mid-size Aviator SUV to fill the role previously occupied by the luxury sedan. No surprise, really, given Lincoln recently announced the demise of the Continental. After all, why cart potential customers about in a car that’s gone to the big scrapyard in the sky? The addition of the Aviator to the SBE fleet complements the additional news that the two brands’ partnership now extends to a ninth SBE property: the SLS Cancun.

Admittedly, the current environment makes it a rather tough time for traveling. That said, if you’re looking to stay at a luxury hotel in North America and want the added bonus of spending time in a Lincoln Navigator or Aviator, then these are the SBE properties you’ll want to look into:

SLS Beverly Hills
SLS Brickell
SLS South Beach
Delano South Beach
Mondrian Los Angeles
Hudson Hotel
SLS LUX Brickell
Hyde Hotel and Residences Midtown Miami
SLS Cancun

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