Lucid’s second model will be an SUV based on the Air

California-based Lucid is preparing to unveil the electric Air, its first regular-production model. It announced it will also give the world a peek at its second car, an SUV whose name hasn’t been revealed yet, during the event.

Posting on its official Twitter account, Lucid explained it will show “a special preview of the future” after it introduces the Air online on September 9, 2020. Although that’s a vague statement that could refer to anything from this weekend’s weather to the sun becoming a white dwarf, it’s accompanied by an image showing what looks like an SUV. The rear lights look identical to the ones worn by a prototype spotted on a photo shoot earlier in 2020. The image reveals little, but Lucid has already confirmed the high-riding model due out in 2023 is built on the same basic platform as the Air, which boasts 1,080 horsepower from a pair of electric motors (one per axle) and up to 517 miles of driving range from a 113-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack stuffed directly under the passenger compartment. It’s inevitably heavier and less aerodynamic, so it may not reach the 517-mile threshold.

SUVs and crossovers are outselling sedans, but Lucid told Autoblog it chose to pelt its first car into the latter segment to make a bigger splash. Sedans are typically lighter and sleeker than SUVs, so their specifications are often more impressive. And, the sedan segment remains relatively big even if it’s smaller than it used to be.

Lucid is one of the industry’s humbler start-ups, it’s not one to speak a great deal while doing little, and it has chosen to focus on the models it plans to release in the near-term future instead of prophesying a multi-car range that’s a decade away. We might learn more about what comes after the SUV when it’s unveiled (the company has loosely alluded to a pickup in the past), but odds are the Air will hog the spotlight for most of the event. And, even if the SUV is a co-star, Lucid will likely present a close-to-production prototype, not a model it can mass produce.

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