Mopar to offer Jeep Gladiator trailer brake controller

Considering a Jeep Gladiator, but concerned it’s a little more toy than truck? Well, if towing is your concern, Mopar has you covered with a new factory accessory trailer brake controller. While a midsize pickup might not be the ideal towing rig, a factory-backed brake controller provides peace of mind to whose who use their trucks as trucks with any sort of regularity. 

And while most midsize trucks can tow up to 7,000 pounds or so (Gladiator included), finding a factory trailer brake controller among the current offerings is surprisingly tricky. Like Jeep, Ford offers a dealer-installed controller option on the Ranger; GM offers a factory controller on some Colorado cab styles (with dealer-installed kits available for those without one from the factory); Toyota does not appear to offer a factory-installed or factory-endorsed trailer brake controller for the Tacoma, but for buyers who are used to having these installed at delivery, that may not be much of a shortcoming.

“The new trailer brake controller is easily integrated into the Jeep Gladiator’s instrument panel. Installed in front of the transmission shift lever, the round controller knob provides a consistent look and feel with the vehicle’s interior. The new controller may also be retrofitted into Jeep Gladiators that are already on the road,” FCA said in its announcement Monday. 

To FCA’s credit, this middle-of-the-road solution does appear at least somewhat elegant. Setting aside the quality of the provided photos, the control knob does appear as though it were meant for that particular piece of dashboard real estate. And for $299, it’s relatively inexpensive peace of mind. 

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