New Genesis G80 Could Spawn More Powerful Sport Trim

The two new vehicles have a healthy reservation bank waiting to be filled, Mark Del Rosso, president and CEO of Genesis Motor North America said. The 2021 Genesis GV80 has about 18,000 reservations and the number keeps growing, especially since the new SUV was featured in a SuperBowl ad in January.

And the new G80, which moves to the same rear-wheel-drive architecture as the GV80, was revealed in March and has 3,000 reservations to date, Del Rosso told media in a virtual briefing.

Six New Genesis Models by 2021

Genesis is the luxury brand of the Hyundai Motor Group, which has Hyundai and Kia as its mainstream brands. Genesis is only five years old. Starting with the G90 that was introduced in 2016, formerly the Hyundai Equus, the brand’s initial car-only lineup was redone with a new design language referred to as “athletic elegance,” which debuted on the refreshed 2020 G90.

Start Hollering for G80 Sport

Executives would not say if there is a Sport model in the new G80’s future. “Let your imagination run wild,” Del Rosso said. “Stay tuned on Sport. You never know.”

SangYup Lee, senior vice president, head of Global Genesis Design, shared that being a young brand is exciting. Heritage can be an asset or a burden when it comes to design, and he sees Genesis creating a vision, defining itself, and building its heritage now.

For now, all production will remain in Korea as the automaker works to establish the brand.

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