Suzuki Jimny You Want Now Sold In Two-Seat Cargo Form You Also Want

Surely there’s a florist somewhere that only delivers to snowbound mountain cabins bemoaning the inability to purchase this new Jimny model. Alas, the European commercial vehicle market is much different than that of America’s. Still, by removing the small rear seats of the Jimny, the true potential of the sub-scale Jeep-like trucklet is revealed.

Ditching the rear seat actually frees up a full cubic foot of space. The load floor is also much flatter, which is great for filling the entirety of the Jimny’s 30-cubic-foot cargo capacity to the brim without things falling over. That increased rear capacity and flatter shape will make loading it with off-roading or overlanding gear even easier, too. There’s not much space in a Jimny anyway, so maximizing what’s there is essential.

All of the safety and drivetrain goodies from the civilian model are present, as well. That means a real part-time four-wheel-drive system with a true low range, which makes this Jimny (like its predecessors) a bit of a billy goat in the tough stuff. Sadly, like all Jimnys, this one remains forbidden fruit—well, except the toy versions.

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