Tesla update lets vehicles drive through green lights automatically

Tesla’s Autopilot feature is getting a new trick. Autopilot will soon be able to drive through green lights automatically, even if there isn’t another car in front of the vehicle, Electrek reports.

As with past Autopilot software rollouts, Tesla is being cautious. “Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control” will only allow Teslas to proceed through an intersection without a lead car if the vehicle is traveling on a clear, straight path.

In some, but not all cases, Autopilot might ask the driver to confirm that the vehicle can proceed through the intersection. For instance, it will require confirmation if the vehicle is already stopped when the light turns green. In other cases, the driving line visualization will turn green, and the vehicle will drive through the intersection automatically. This is somewhat similar to the way Tesla rolled out its Autopilot lane-change feature, which first required driver confirmation.

Earlier this year, a video showed Tesla’s Autopilot automatically stopping at red lights, so autonomously traveling through green lights is the next logical evolution. Tesla is expected to release a “fundamental rewrite” of its Autopilot software by the end of the year. Those changes should allow Tesla to introduce new features at a faster rate. 

This story by Christine Fisher originally appeared on Engadget.

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