The Hummer EV will only be availalbe at half of GMC dealerships

The new 1,000-horsepower Hummer EV will be sold under the GMC brand, but you won’t find it in every GMC showroom. Currently, just about half of GMC’s dealers have agreed to take on the electric truck, Buick GMC VP Duncan Aldred told investors on a conference call last week.

According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, there are a number of reasons for the irregular availability. For one, there’s the cost of upgrading dealerships to sell and service a fully electric vehicle. Stores would need to be upgraded with charging stations, and service centers would require new tools and training to work on an EV.

Then there’s the customer experience. At $112,595, the initial Hummer EV Edition 1 caters to a different clientele than the traditional GMC truck. The planned EV3X trim level that arrives in late 2022 and EV2X arriving in spring 2023 will start at just below $100,000 and $90,000, respectively. Some sellers believe that customers paying six figures for a vehicle will expect certain niceties that will necessitate showroom upgrades as well. Complimentary doughnuts, at least.

Furthermore, not all GMC dealerships are located in areas with customers willing to shell out that much cabbage for a new vehicle, especially an EV. An $80,000 base trim will be available in 2024, so perhaps more dealers will be willing to take on the truck by then.

Finally, there’s the Hummer EV’s no-haggle pricing. Aldred was adamant on the call that customers see the same price on the internet as they do on the paperwork. It’s part of the premium dealership experience that GMC wants to provide for its well-heeled clientele.

Still, GMC appears to have no problem moving all the Hummer EVs it can build. Even with its lofty price tag, all Edition 1 trucks were sold out 10 minutes after GMC’s announcement.

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