This drone-like flying car could be available in your lifetime

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Transcript: Flying “car” has its first manned flight. The SD-03 flying “car” has completed its first public flight demonstration at the Toyota Test Field in Japan. The single-seater circled around for 4 minutes controlled by a pilot and assisted by a computer to maintain stability while in flight. It’s designed to be a new form of transportation for urban aerial mobility. SD-03 is an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle or “eVTOL.” It uses eight motors to aid the craft in air. SkyDrive is currently planning more flight tests outside of the test fields of Toyota.

We can’t wait to be taking rides in a flying car one day, but for now, the DJI Mavic Mini drone will have to fill the drone-shaped hole in our hearts. It has the ability to capture stunning images in the air (just don’t try to ride it).

DJI Mavic Mini – $399 at

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