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How will Satya Nadella handle Microsoft’s ChatGPT moment?

riceanyone Seen Satya Nadella like him. For those who haven’t read his autobiography, the boss of Microsoft is a smart, decent guy. He is humble and passionate about cricket. He is a listener who encourages employees to share their personal and professional dreams. He writes about Buddhism, but not in a New Age way. His son was born with cerebral palsy, so Mr. Nadella sought to understand the suffering. Sometimes, when he can barely contain his excitement about new technology from Microsoft, he’s as elated as Tigger.He described such a “eureka moment” when he first put on the company’s HoloLens mixed reality headset, and thanked nasaImagine yourself walking on the red planet. It was a glimpse into the future, he wrote. “The experience was so inspiring, so moving, that one member of my leadership team cried.”

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Once again, Mr. Nadella is reeling from the “this is the future” frenzy. On January 23, Microsoft announced its third investment in Open, estimated at $10 billionartificial intelligenceThe company behind Chatcommon technology. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence) tools let users ask questions and get human-like, often funny answers. Over the past few months, it has grabbed the headlines and become part of the zeitgeist. Soon, the magic of the technology, however error-prone, is painting it as a potential Kodak moment for Alphabet-owned Google, a boon for cancer research, the end of coding as you know it, and the coffin of exam essays. In other words, it’s the tech hype cycle on steroids.

At the risk of sounding rude, it’s worth noting that seven years after Mr. Nadella’s HoloLens epiphany, the whole mixed reality buzz at Microsoft has died dead. HoloLens was reportedly affected by the company’s recent 10,000 layoffs.That is, chatcommon technology Already so easy to use and intuitive to use, it’s hard to imagine it becoming a passing fad. It is not difficult to see how Microsoft’s strength in cloud computing and business software can take advantage of Openartificial intelligencebottom layer common technology models to revitalize the entire product range. And Mr. Nadella, for all his focus, still harbors ambitions to restore the company to the pinnacle of technological innovation vacated by social media and smartphones. Will this be his moment?

Microsoft’s stock price suggests otherwise.Little up since Nov. 29, the day before the Openartificial intelligence Start a chat publiclycommon technology (Except for a brief rebound after Microsoft reported slightly better-than-expected quarterly earnings results on Jan. 24).Given the risk of an economic slowdown, which has cooled demand for Microsoft’s software and cloud services, investors have too many short-term concerns to pay much attention to Nadella’s promises artificial intelligence– Jam tomorrow.

However, they should not underestimate his missionary zeal. He led Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, when Google was doing poorly. He headed up its cloud provider, now called Azure, when it was a competitor to Amazon Web Services, owned by the e-commerce giant. He has long had a passion for outdoing his West Coast rivals.it makes him impatient artificial intelligence Research for yourself. He wants to embed it in products that wow customers. As a result, Bing, which accounts for only 7% of search queries in the US, will soon integrate Chatcommon technology Compete with Google for share. Microsoft’s coding tool GitHub is using Openartificial intelligence The technology in its Co-pilot product is designed to speed up the work of software developers.Microsoft may overhaul products like Office and Windows common technology technology so that chatbots can ease the drudgery of creating PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets.As for the cloud, Microsoft benefits from openartificial intelligence built and trained it common technology A model on Azure that provides state-of-the-art chatbot services to Azure customers. The more you use it, the better it will be.

Microsoft will not monopolize this field, nor will it become a winner-take-all market.Alphabet is one of the other cloud providers whose underlying model is more common technologyFor now, though, its ability to compete is limited. Alphabet is loathed by critics of surveillance capitalism, and if, like a human being, it takes huge reputational risks artificial intelligence Amplifies the bias and privacy concerns of current consumer technology. It’s come under regulatory fire: On Jan. 24, the Justice Department and eight states filed a lawsuit to break up Google’s ad tech business.Also, general Google searches are very cheap; add chatcommon technology– Like search, it is computationally demanding and will increase it.As for Microsoft’s business software rivals, such as the beleaguered Salesforce, they’re struggling to cut costs and can’t match Microsoft’s advanced offerings artificial intelligence said Mark Moerdler of investment firm Bernstein.

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In short, Microsoft has a valuable lead, and Nadella is reluctant to squander it. The big question, however, isn’t who will win. In the early days, it was like asking who was going to come out on top in the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century. What matters more is whether any company is adequately equipped to deal with the potential impact of introducing technology that will do work previously done by humans but has neither the capacity nor the moral compass to check the soundness of its work. The risk of spreading misinformation or worse, misinformation is serious. So too is the danger of social backlash if knowledge workers feel their jobs are threatened – although if the technology succeeds, it may be good for job creation in the long run.

Microsoft’s initial approach to dealing with potential pitfalls was shrewd.investment openingartificial intelligence put chatcommon technology If something goes wrong, keep your distance.But in the end, with common technology Infused into all its products, it will take great responsibility for the results. In this case, attention will be on Microsoft’s own moral compass — and Mr. Nadella’s integrity will be tested.

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