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Anglo-Saxons Control Collective West – Moscow — RT World News

london and washington in “A Rules-Based World Order” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told RT on Friday that Russia is trying to dictate to its own allies and countries outside the West.

In an interview with RT at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Lavrov said that Russia fully understands that relations with other countries need to be based on mutual benefits and equal partnerships.

“That’s not what we’re seeing in the West right now. The Anglo-Saxons are basically in control of everything, in control of the rest of the West. They’re taking advantage of what they’ve created through Ukraine — this war against Russia — to eliminate competition,” Lavrov elaborated.

“They see us as competitors, they see China as competitors. Their doctrinal documents make that clear. But they are also eliminating competition on the Continent. Obviously. The economic and social processes in Germany are grim Yes. Other countries are not much better,” The Russian foreign minister added.

Russia will 'never again' accept US rules - Lavrov

Lavrov said the only Western country benefiting from the coronavirus was the US, “And the UK is always somewhere, helping the US achieve its selfish goals.”

According to Lavrov, “The Anglo-Saxons and their allies” is currently trying to force countries around the world to side with them against Russia, including the Arab world, using methods he can only describe as “rude.”

“You see, when they talk about these ‘rules’ on which the international order must be based, what they really mean is their orders,” Lavrov told RT. “Colonial instinct – to live at the expense of others. Nothing else.”

Lavrov is particularly against the West’s claim that their support for Kiev is “Defending Democracy” ukraine is fighting for it “Western Values” In the conflict with Russia.

“First of all, if they really see it that way, I can’t help but believe that they uphold Nazi views. Because saying Western values ​​are protected in Ukraine is like saying Nazism is your way of life,” The diplomat told RT. As for democracy, he added, “They only talk about democracy when they teach others how to live,” But not when it comes to respecting the sovereign equality of other nations, according to the Charter of the United Nations.

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