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Berlin court partially lifts ban on Russian flag — RT World News

The country’s symbol was allowed to be displayed in the “Immortal Regiment” parade on Victory Day

Berlin’s administrative court has lifted a ban on displaying the Russian flag during the upcoming Victory Day “Immortal Regiment” parade in the German capital. The ban was imposed by the city’s police, who have vowed to challenge the court ruling.

Berlin police announced the ruling on Sunday, saying the flags were allowed to be displayed at the Tiergarten Soviet-era war memorial where a parade took place on May 9. Police said they had appealed the ruling to the Supreme Administrative Court. The judiciary is reportedly expected to make a decision on the matter later on Sunday.

The police ban issued Friday banned the display of Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian flags at the upcoming World War II Victory Day celebrations on May 8 and 9 due to security concerns. Other symbols associated with World War II victory, including the orange and black St. George ribbon, and mock military uniforms, were also banned. These restrictions do not apply to diplomats or World War II veterans.The police explained that, given the symbols “Current situation,” It is said that it can be used “Prove or Beautify” Russian military operations in Ukraine.

German court lifts ban on Ukrainian flag

The ban on flying the Ukrainian flag was immediately challenged in court and overturned on Saturday, with Berlin police opting not to challenge the ruling.

The police ban was reminiscent of restrictions introduced last year for Victory Day celebrations, which took place in the early months of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.At the time, Berlin authorities banned the display of the two countries’ flags during the event, arguing it would help keep WWII celebrations alive “It’s markedly different from the situation in May 2022.”

Additionally, several German states have banned other symbols associated with Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, including the letter “Z,” which has been used by some units of the Russian military as a tactical mark and has since become a symbol of Russian aggression.

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