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Can the BRICS challenge US dominance in the global economy? | Business and Economics

BRICS foreign ministers have met in Cape Town, and South Africa has hosted other members including Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The group began informally in 2006 and was joined by South Africa four years later. But in today’s more polarized geopolitical world, the BRICS club has become even more important.

Several countries have expressed interest in joining the group.

Is this group of emerging economies likely to alter the balance of global trade and power? Or is this a political pipe dream?

host: Mohammad Jamjom


Sanusha Naidu – Senior Fellow at the Institute for Global Dialogue, an independent foreign policy think tank

Chris Weafer – CEO of Macro-Advisory, a strategic consulting firm in Eurasia

Shirley Yu – Political Economist and Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

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