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Can the U.S. and China repair their troubled relationship? | politics

The top U.S. diplomat flew to Beijing to ease months of tension.

When superpowers fall apart, the rest of the world worries about what happens next.

Therefore, the top US diplomat’s visit to China is closely watched.

Military and economic titans disagree on many important issues. There is competition and distrust on both sides.

But there is also an acknowledgment that, however hesitantly, strategic rivals need each other to advance their interests at home and abroad.

Will Antony Blinken’s visit herald improvement — or fuel division?

host: Mohammad Jamjom


Einar Tangen – China Affairs Analyst and Senior Researcher at Taihe Institute

Natasha Lindstaedt – Associate Dean and Professor, University of Essex

Joseph Mahoney – Professor of Politics and International Relations, East China Normal University

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