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Chaos hangs over Kiev | Russo-Ukrainian war news

Local military authorities have ruled out a Russian attack as NASA denies the alien invasion and Ukrainians make jokes about it.

A flash of lightning appeared over the Ukrainian capital on Wednesday night, causing chaos.

Military authorities in the city of Kiev on Thursday dismissed the possibility that the “bright light” was the result of a Russian military attack, while NASA, the US space agency, denied reports that one of the planes was involved.

The US government said it had recorded a “falling unidentified aerial object” around 10:00 pm (19:00 GMT) on Wednesday.

“After verification and clarification, information about the possible use of enemy aircraft or the use of missile weapons for air strikes has not been confirmed,” it said on its Telegram channel.

“However, the very bright light emitted by an unknown object as it fell caused both excitement and concern among the people of Kiev,” it added.

“This was not a missile attack, our air defenses were not using available weapons.”

Previous reports had said the object was a NASA satellite, but the government, citing the space agency, denied it was their spacecraft.

“What it is – only experts will know,” the government said.

One of its spacecraft, the Reuven Ramati Energetic Solar Spectral Imager, is being decommissioned and is expected to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere in April, more than 20 years after its launch, NASA said in a statement Thursday.

“NASA expects most of the spacecraft to burn up during the atmospheric re-entry, but some components are expected to survive re-entry. The US agency says the risk of harm to anyone on Earth is low — approximately 1 in 2,467.

The satellite in question was still in orbit when the flash was observed, a NASA spokesman told reporters Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians joked on social media about a new chapter in the war — an alien invasion.

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