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Explosion during Russia’s 15th airstrike on Kiev in May | Russo-Ukrainian war news

The overnight missile attack came a day after Russia launched its largest-ever drone attack on the Ukrainian capital.

Russia launched its 15th airstrike on the city this month, the second in a row overnight, following multiple explosions in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, according to officials.

“A missile was shot down near Kiev,” Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on a Telegram message channel in the early hours of Monday. “Air defense work!”

The blast was heard in several districts of the city, including Kiev’s historic Podil neighbourhood, where falling debris damaged the roofs of houses, he added.

According to preliminary information from the mayor and the city’s military administration, there were no casualties in the overnight attack.

Monday’s attack, which appeared to be a combination of missiles and drones, followed the night before in Kiev, the largest drone attack ever, killing one person and injuring many others.

The city’s air defenses shot down 40 drones in and around the capital in the early hours of Sunday, officials said.

Most of the drones were Iranian-made Shahed loitering munitions, the Kiev independent news site reported.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the country’s air defenses for protecting the country and asked his parliament to impose sanctions on Iran for supplying Russia with weapons, including the Shahed drone.

The wave of Russian attacks on Ukraine is now several times a week.

It was not immediately clear the full scale of Monday’s attack.

Reuters reported that there were several loud bangs in the early hours of Monday when the city and other parts of Ukraine were under air strike alert.

Moscow has stepped up its attacks, targeting military infrastructure and materiel, as Ukraine’s long-promised counteroffensive is about to recapture Russian-occupied territory since Russia began its full-scale invasion 15 months ago.

While Ukraine has almost never publicly claimed responsibility for attacks in Russia, there have been a series of attacks on military, energy and transport infrastructure within the country, which Moscow blames on Kiev.

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