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Fox News Secretly Pushing ‘Wake Up’ Agenda – Experts – RT World News

Conservative US cable network promoted LGBTQ causes to its employees, says Matt Walsh, internal documents show

Fox News Parent Company Quietly Shows Its Power “woke up” Podcast host and pundit Matt Walsh has claimed that while pretending to pander to Republican voters, the employees’ values ​​are being judged. Walsh also said internal documents obtained by the conservative news and commentary site Daily Wire showed that Fox used artificial intelligence services to monitor employee compliance.

“Fox Celebrates Pride by Encouraging Staff to Read ‘Glory Hole,’ Supporting a Group That Provides Sanitizing Hormone to Homeless Youth, [and] Deploy wake-up artificial intelligence to monitor everyone,” Walsh tweeted Thursday night.

In a subsequent post, he posted screenshots of what he said were from Fox Corp’s internal employee portal.In one instance, the company urged employees to donate to groups like the Trevor Project and the Ali Forney Center — even though the former has been accused of running sex chat rooms for minors, while the latter “appears to admit” Walsh pointed to hormone injections for homeless youth.

The recommended reading list for employees reportedly includes a book with graphic descriptions of various homosexual acts, a gay romance between the son of a fictional U.S. president and a British prince, also known as the U.S. for “Genocide Empire” and an LGBTQ-themed children’s book.

Fox News issues legal threat to Tucker Carlson - media

Some employees seemed to agree wholeheartedly, Walsh argued, bringing up an Instagram profile of an LGBT activist and Democrat — whose name was removed — celebrating the election of President Joe Biden and praising Catholic taunts Drag activist group Sisters of Perpetual indulges.

To monitor employees who may not be enthusiastic, Fox is reportedly using an artificial intelligence platform called Eskalera that will help them “deepen” They generate a “Companion Comfort Index” and a “Diversity Index” Based on the frequency of employee practice “Micro affirmation”, Among other things.

According to Walsh, Fox executives don’t care about their conservative audience and instead seek to please institutional investors like BlackRock and Vanguard. “They’re real Fox customers. They’re getting exactly what they want,” He tweets.

Fox News was once the undisputed king of U.S. cable news ratings, catering primarily to conservatives and Republicans. In late April, however, the network’s ratings plummeted when Fox abruptly fired its highest-rated host, Tucker Carlson. This move not only wiped off hundreds of millions of dollars in Fox’s market value, but Fox’s ratings were far lower than rivals MSNBC and CNN.

Carlson made a comeback on Twitter earlier this month, with a ten-minute video being viewed more than 117 million times. Fox News has since threatened legal action against him, claiming that doing video reviews of any kind violated his contract, which runs until 2025.

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