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Gay pride is now about politics, not rights — RT World News

The White House Pride Month celebration faced sharp criticism for its message and conduct, and rightfully so

A new badge has debuted at the White House, silently but unapologetically marking a sea change in Pride Month celebrations. This is not the standard rainbow flag, which has represented the gay rights movement since 1978, but a new creation – the “Progressive Pride Flag”. I must admit that my heart sank looking at this new colorful symbol, now prominently displayed on the porch of the so-called People’s House. Critics were quick to express similar sentiments.

Charges soon followed that the redesigned flag was an homage to a disturbing trend that permeated every Western institution — the cult of pedophilia. While the original gay pride flag represented unity in diversity, free speech and acceptance of the hard work of the LGB community, this new design feels like a political statement, a tool for indoctrination rather than inclusion. That’s because it is. That’s it.

Suddenly, we’re not just talking about adults who make conscious decisions about who they are. No, we include children who have a horrible nudge-nudge-wink-wink attitude toward hormone blockers, sterilization and even surgery that would make any ethical medical professional pale. With the addition of these new symbols and colors, the original gay flag seems to be shrinking, disappearing into this gaudy spectacle of over-decorated “inclusivity.”

Let’s compare this situation to a potluck meal. Everyone comes together to create dishes that reflect their culture, taste and identity. It’s a joyous celebration of shared diversity, echoing the spirit of the original gay rights movement. However, this new banner felt more like a buffet line, we piled everything we saw together, confused the flavors, it was gravy and ice cream, diluting the overall experience. Where is its charm? Also, it’s disgusting.

Parents spar with pro-gay activist at school board meeting (Video)

Adding the flag to the space traditionally reserved for the U.S. flag has not only angered people for its disregard for flag decorum, but has also drawn accusations of a flagrant affront to U.S. national sovereignty. The same thing happened in the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany. The sight of the pride flag sandwiched between two American flags is nothing short of stunning. I can’t be the only one who feels as though the West is allowing their national symbols to be overshadowed and pushed to the sidelines in favor of identity politics.

The “Progress Pride Flag” consists of a five-color chevron superimposed on the traditional rainbow stripes, with each color purportedly representing a different marginalized community. While it sounds laudable on paper, this feels more like tokenization than true inclusion. Black and brown stripes purportedly represent people of color, but when did sexual orientation become a racial issue? Was George Floyd killed for being gay and having them/their pronouns? I think not. The black stripes are also a commendable gesture in remembrance of AIDS patients, but more than that? Why not add stripes to every health crisis affecting the community? What about the streaks of Long Covid?

Critics rightly point out that the redesign may inadvertently glorify pedophilia. The flag, backed by the White House, appears to be a defiant slap to anxious parents across the country in an era of growing concern about the sexualization of children in public schools and elsewhere.

Two transgender activists at a White House event took off their tops and proudly displayed their bodies under the Progressive Pride banner, confirming the worst fears of critics. Against the backdrop of the White House flag, the visual impact of the act is a stark reminder of concerns about the normalization of this depravity.

Then came the White House tweet, affirming the link between the two “LGBTQI+ Community” and”our children. “ The backlash was swift and sharp. Both Elon Musk and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have publicly condemned the post, with Gov. DeSantis hitting the nail on the head, “They are not your children. ”

Advocacy group declares LGBT emergency

According to Daniel Quasar, the designer of the new flag, “Strange non-binary objects with human experience” and use the xe/xym pronouns. I think he has more power. I can respect individuality and the courage it takes to truly live as a celestial being. My point of contention is not Daniel Quasar or his journey; it’s the flag itself and what it represents meaning.

The White House, the home of this nation, should be a symbol of unity, leadership, and most of all, a beacon of democracy. Or so they claim. It should represent everyone—gay, straight, liberal, conservative, biker, vegan, and everyone in between. Hanging this controversial and divisive new logo on the porch felt like replacing the stars of the American flag with a bunch of random tags. #FreeBritney can show up.

It is time for Americans to reassess the direction of the country. Powerful words from Governor DeSantis, “They are not your children,”‘ resonates outside of the immediate context. This is not your banner. This is not anyone’s movement, but those that seek to destroy civilization. Let’s hit the brakes before this out-of-control “wake” fast car completely destroys civilization.

Statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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