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German court lifts ban on Ukrainian flag — RT World News

Police in Berlin restrict the use of state symbols near Soviet monuments during WWII Victory Day celebrations

Berlin’s administrative court lifted a police ban on displaying the Ukrainian flag and playing and singing Ukrainian military songs near Soviet monuments during World War II Victory Day celebrations on May 8 and 9. Berlin police said on Saturday they would not appeal the decision. The ban on flying the Russian flag remains in place.

Police on Friday banned the display of the two countries’ flags due to security concerns. The orange and black St. George ribbon — a popular WWII victory symbol in Russia — is also banned, as is mock military uniform.

The move to ban the Ukrainian flag was immediately condemned by Kiev diplomats and the local Ukrainian community.

Vitsche, an organization of Ukrainians living in Germany, challenged the ban and won its case on Friday night.

“The administrative court has confirmed our legal position that, in the court’s own words, the prohibition of flying the Ukrainian flag is manifestly illegal,” Patrick Heinemann, the Ukrainian group’s lawyer, told the media.He argued that the police “Lacking any evidence to assume a threat to public safety” banner shows the result.

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Berlin has several memorials commemorating World War II, including the iconic Soviet monument in Treptapark, a popular gathering place for Victory Day.

Last year, several German states banned the overt use of the letter “Z,” which has become one of the hallmarks of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, first appearing as a tactical marking used by some units on equipment when the conflict began in February 2022.

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