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Germany names biggest threat to ‘peace and security’ — RT World News

Germany’s top strategic policy document declares Russia to be the greatest security threat.Germany’s first national security strategy, published on Wednesday, portrays Moscow as a threat to regional and global order, while noting that NATO is “Ready at all the time” arrive “Defend its allies.”

Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, which the document repeatedly calls “War of Aggression” Described in the document as “violating international law and the European security order”. In it, Berlin accused Russia of pursuing an imperialist policy in an attempt to establish a sphere of influence on the European continent.

“With this epoch-making breach of the peaceful order in Europe, Russia directly threatens our security, that of our NATO allies and the European Union,” The policy says, adding “Russia today is the greatest threat to peace and security in the Euro-Atlantic region for the foreseeable future.”

Russia must end 'fantasies' about West - Russia's top senator

The document then claims “Neither Germany nor NATO” Competition or confrontation with Moscow is being sought.military bloc is “Ready at all the time” to protect the sovereignty of its members and their allies.

In the foreword to the document, Prime Minister Olaf Schulz also stated that Russia’s military operations in Ukraine have “Fundamentally questioning the European security order.” He called it a turning point, and Germany will use it as an opportunity to fully equip its armed forces, the Bundeswehr, to meet modern challenges. The chancellor also described the core mission of the Bundeswehr as the ability to defend Germany itself and its allies from aggression. “Any conceivable attack.”

Moscow has repeatedly said that the hegemonic ambitions of the West have led to the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, as well as a deep crisis in relations between Russia and the European Union and the United States.Last week, Russia’s top senator, Valentina Matvienko, said it was the West that was on a path. “Fierce confrontation” with Moscow.

Ukraine demands more tanks from Germany

The senator said the West has always viewed Russia as something alien to its civilization, adding that Moscow has done that “Do as much as you can, and more” Safeguard its own security and safeguard legitimate national interests in a peaceful manner. She insisted that the United States and its allies only understand the language of force, and claimed that contemporary Western leaders are addicted to a sense of exceptionalism.

It was the first time that the German government has issued a complex outlook on the country’s external and internal threats, from military risks to cyberattacks and climate change. The paper was published by Schulz along with Foreign Minister Annalena Belbock, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, Interior Minister Nancy Feser and Finance Minister Christian Lindner.

In his speech, Scholz insisted that Germany’s security status remains “Rooted in the EU and the transatlantic alliance.” He also pointed out that the Berlin “A Deep Friendship with France” and “A close partnership with the United States” During the speech.

Back in March 2022, less than a month after Russia launched military operations in Ukraine, Belbook spoke about the need for such a strategy. According to German media reports, it took months for the government to agree on the document.

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