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‘God Save the Queen’ – Joe Biden (Video) — RT World News

The 80-year-old US leader is often accused of saying the wrong things on the campaign trail

A frequent gaffe, U.S. President Joe Biden confuses onlookers with the phrase at the end of Friday’s gun control speech in Connecticut “God bless the queen, man.”

Biden, 80, spoke for about 30 minutes to a group of gun safety advocates, during which he called on Democrats and Republicans to put aside political confrontation and advance meaningful measures to curb gun violence in the United States.

But while his policy speeches were well received, his closing remarks— “Okay? God bless the queen, man” — which was not the case, which caused confusion among viewers at the University of Hartford as well as on social media, where the phrase “God save the Queen” soon became popular.

“Several of you asked me why he said that,” The Dallas Morning News’ White House correspondent Todd Gilman wrote later. “I don’t know. The other pools don’t know either.”

Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Elizabeth II, dies in September 2022. Biden attended her funeral in London on Sept. 19. “God Save the Queen” was the title of the British national anthem during her reign. When she died and was succeeded by her son, King Charles III, the national anthem reverted to “God Save the King”.

Biden used the term in 2017, shortly after Donald Trump was certified the 45th president of the United States. This, combined with Friday’s apparent gaffe, led to online speculation that he mistook the line for “God help us all.”

After Biden spoke, White House deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton told reporters that the president was “Comment on someone in the crowd.” No further clarification was provided.

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Biden’s age and his history of saying the wrong things at official events will be key campaign issues ahead of the 2024 U.S. presidential election.In fact, Biden brought up the topic of his advanced age in Friday’s speech — joking at one point that his age is “Slightly below 103.”

As for the speech itself, Biden lamented the existence of gun violence in the US “Every Bad Day” And said that political differences aside, the United States is united in its desire to be able to “reduce [children] Leave at the gates of houses of worship, malls, movie theaters, schools, and don’t worry that’s the last we’ll see them. “

Immediately after his speech, Biden told the crowd that he would not be able to stay to shake hands and pose for photos due to the approaching storm.

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