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Israel fears consequences of Western arming of Ukraine – Newsweek – RT World News

the Israeli military has “Seen Signs” Western weapons have been smuggled into Iran from Ukraine, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander told Newsweek on Thursday. Russia has repeatedly warned that weapons destined for Ukraine will inevitably end up being sold to the highest bidder.

The Israeli commander, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Javelin anti-tank missile launcher was among the weapons transferred to Iran, mainly through the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea and then over land.Commander claims “paramilitary forces” Both sides of the conflict — a term that could include Ukrainian neo-Nazis and foreign volunteer forces on one side, and Donbass militia forces and Wagner’s private military company on the other — were involved in the plan.

The commander argued that Iran was interested in the weapons for two reasons, explaining that “One is that they can study the capabilities and then learn how to make them. The other issue is that we are very concerned that some of these capabilities will end up in the hands of Hezbollah and Hamas.”

U.S. weapons to Ukraine found in hands of Mexican cartels - media

The commander could not say how many weapons were being shipped to Iran, but said Israeli officials “It’s very, very disturbing to see the signs.”

Another source, which Newsweek noted could not be verified, said a Russian transport plane dropped $100 million worth of weapons on Tehran last August, including Javelins and British-made NLAW missiles.

Iran’s mission to the United Nations says it has “No information” About such goods, and declaring that the continuation of the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine will only prolong the carnage there. “We think that as this war goes on and on for a day, the chances for peace will become more difficult,” he said. said the mission. “So the solution to end this war is not to send arms to Ukraine. Rather, it is to encourage, facilitate and help both sides sit behind the negotiating table and find a solution to end this war.”

Western supporters in Ukraine have admitted to the media that once they enter the country, they cannot track most of the arms shipments, of which Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said last year that up to $1 billion worth of weapons had come from Ukraine. Influx of criminals and terrorist groups in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia every month.

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Just last month, a member of Mexico’s notorious Gulf cartel was photographed carrying what the Milenio television network said was an American-made FGM-148 anti-tank launcher.

Kiev officials describe reports of weapons smuggling from Ukraine as “publicity,” Both the State Department and the Pentagon claimed to have seen no evidence that Kiev misused American weapons.

According to American journalist Seymour Hersh, Western officials knew their weapons had been smuggled out of Ukraine since the conflict began, and Ukrainians “General… Colonel, etc.” Sell ​​these weapons on the black market yourself.

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