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Kamala Harris to run AI task force — RT World News

US vice president will ask AI execs to assess the safety and fairness of their models

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris has been named to lead a new artificial intelligence initiative working with leading companies in the field, the White House announced in a press release Thursday.

Harris and other top officials in President Joe Biden’s administration will meet with the CEOs of Alphabet, Anthropic, Microsoft and OpenAI to remind them of their “There is a responsibility to ensure their products are secure before they are deployed or made public.”

Meetings aim to put companies on track “Driving responsible, trustworthy and ethical innovation through safeguards that mitigate risk and potential harm to individuals and society,” According to the White House, it cited recent executive orders and official statements reminding tech companies that their products are subject to civil rights laws and other protections against unlawful discrimination.

Biden convenes advisers to decide future of artificial intelligence

The four companies, along with Hugging Face, NVIDIA, and Stability AI, will also present a public evaluation of their capabilities by thousands of industry experts and other curious members of the public at DEFCON 31, the hacker-only event in Las Vegas. Congress, which has repeatedly suggested that the insecurity of America’s voting machines is demonstrated by giving children a chance to hack them.

The White House also announced seven new national AI institutes focused on climate, agriculture, energy, public health, education and cybersecurity, explaining that these new institutes will “Supporting the Development of a Diverse AI Workforce” The $140 million in funding came from the National Science Foundation.

Beginning this summer, the government is also giving the public the opportunity to participate in the government’s AI policy, according to a press release.

Harris, tasked with stopping immigrants from crossing the U.S. southern border when she takes office in 2021, has presided over a record amount of illegal immigration, earning her the lowest approval rating of any modern U.S. vice president.Last year, she was assigned to draw up the battle blueprint “false information”, Despite having no experience in the tech field, one can still experience harassment and abuse online.

While hundreds of experts in the field of artificial intelligence have called for a moratorium, or at least a sharp slowdown, on AI development until internationally agreed safety measures are in place, the United States has so far avoided making any strong statements about the technology.Last month, Biden met with his Science and Technology Advisory Council to discuss “Risks and Opportunities” in the field, but refuses to respond to expert warnings when acknowledging artificial intelligence “possible” dangerous.

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