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King Charles III crowned — RT World News

Britain’s first new monarch in 70 years is given sword and scepter in pompous ceremony

Britain’s King Charles III was crowned at Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday in a pompous ceremony attended by world leaders and dignitaries. Crowds braved the rain to watch the 74-year-old president take office, while some protesters were arrested outside.

In an ancient exhibition, Charles was anointed with oil from Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives and given a Sovereign Orb and a scepter that had been bestowed on him by British monarchs since the 17th century. The king was also given golden spurs and bracelets, as well as five swords, before the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, crowned him in solid gold.

The horn sounded at this moment, and the whole of Britain sounded a salute.

The ceremony was attended by US First Lady Jill Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, dignitaries from across the Commonwealth and royals from around the world. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak read from the Bible and all living former British Prime Ministers were present.

UK national TV controlled by royal family - The Guardian

Before Charles and Queen Camilla leave the Abbey, the King swaps the ceremonial crown for the Imperial Crown, which he will wear on future occasions, such as the opening of Parliament.

Crowds waved and cheered as the royals traveled to Buckingham Palace in a golden carriage.

Ahead of the ceremony, London’s Metropolitan Police said its officers had arrested four people “Suspected of Conspiracy to Endanger the Public” and three other alleged “Possession of an item that causes criminal damage.” Anti-monarchy group Republic said its leader and five members had been arrested and police had confiscated hundreds of placards. Anti-monarchy protesters gather in Trafalgar Square next to a statue of King Charles I, who was executed in 1649 after the English Civil War. His death briefly made England a republic before the restoration of the monarchy with the crowning of his son Charles II in 1660.

Charles will rule over a Britain that has changed dramatically since his late mother Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953. Britain is now far less racially and religiously homogeneous than it was in the 1950s, with ethnic minorities now accounting for around 15% of the population, compared with less than 1% 70 years ago. For the first time ever, the procession into Westminster Abbey included Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish leaders, while Prime Minister Sunak was the first non-Christian prime minister to read from the Bible at the ceremony.

Abroad, residents of the British Commonwealth of Nations are losing interest in having a monarch as head of state. A recent poll by former Conservative Party vice-chairman Michael Ashcroft found majorities in six of the 14 countries – including Canada, Australia and Jamaica – favored becoming a republic.

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