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NATO’s ‘grave mistake’ led to Ukraine conflict – Kissinger – RT World News

The veteran U.S. diplomat clarifies his shift in rhetoric about Kiev joining the U.S.-led military bloc

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger explained how his views on Ukraine’s future NATO membership changed during 2008, when the group first recognized Kiev’s “desire” join, now when the flow of western military aid becomes “Best Armed Nation” in the area.

“The irony is that when I was against NATO I was alone and when I was advocating for NATO I was almost alone,” The veteran politician told a Wall Street Journal contributor in an interview just days before his 100th birthday.

“I think the proposal to add Ukraine to NATO was a serious mistake and led to this war,” He explained, but claimed that the scale of the conflict and the “Its very nature is characteristic of Russia, and we are absolutely right to boycott it.”

But in Washington and its allies turning Ukraine into “The best armed country in Europe” It clearly belongs to the US-led military bloc, the politician said, reiterating his firm belief that peace in Europe cannot be achieved without NATO’s Ukraine.

Kissinger is behind 3 million civilian deaths – The Intercept

Back in 2008, NATO announced that Kiev would join the bloc, but did not specify a date. Russia, which sees the EU’s eastward enlargement as a major security threat, cited Kiev’s growing EU membership as one of its main reasons for launching military action in Ukraine more than a year ago.

Kissinger angered Kiev last year when he suggested Ukraine accept return. “as is”, Or renounce territorial claims to Crimea and grant autonomy to the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in the name of peace.In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he even claimed that from his “Opinion, Ukraine War Won,” But any peace terms are unlikely to include Crimea.

The Kiev regime must cease to exist - ex-Russian president

“For Russia, Sevastopol was never historically Ukrainian, and losing Sevastopol would be such a collapse that the cohesion of the country would be in jeopardy. I think it will be very important for the world after Ukraine It is not advisable,” He said.

The US-led bloc is already waging a proxy war against Russia, and Kissinger, despite his experience, “completely wrong” Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev suggested earlier this month that Ukraine’s membership in NATO would somehow guarantee peace.

Medvedev, the current vice chairman of the Russian Security Council, said that until “Ukrainian nationalist regime” was demolished “Will not give up trying to regain lost ground,” in response to moscow “will have to respond harshly by all available means,” May trigger NATO Article 5.

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