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North Korea rejects U.S. criticism over satellite launch failure — RT World News

Kim Jong Un’s sister says Washington’s logic on Pyongyang is ‘gangster style’

The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said on Thursday that the United States has no right to condemn North Korea for trying to launch a satellite because the North itself has put thousands of satellites into orbit. Kim Yo Jong has promised that Pyongyang will soon launch its first reconnaissance spacecraft.

On Wednesday, North Korea confirmed that the rocket carrying its military satellite Wanlijing-1 crashed into the Yellow Sea after a second-stage engine failed.

The development was criticized by Washington and its allies in South Korea and Japan.NSC spokesman John Kirby says Pyongyang’s attempted launch was a reason “main problem”, Even if it fails. “Kim Jong-un and his scientists and engineers, they work, they improve, they adapt. They continue to develop military capabilities that pose a threat not only to the peninsula but to the region,” he explained.

Kirby’s colleague Adam Hodge suggested “The door to diplomacy is not closed, but Pyongyang must immediately stop its provocative actions and opt for engagement instead.”

North Korea's first spy satellite crashes after launch

In a statement quoted by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim Yo Jong argued that, “If North Korea’s (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) satellite launch is especially to blame, then the United States and all other countries that have launched thousands of satellites are to blame. This is nothing but paradoxical sophistry.”

“The far-fetched logic that only North Korea is not allowed to do this…even though other countries are doing it, is clearly a bandit-like faulty logic that grossly violates North Korea’s right to use space and illegally oppresses it,” she says.

A UN Security Council resolution prohibits Pyongyang from using ballistic missile technology for any purpose, including space launches.

Kim’s sister, a senior figure in North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party, insists “It is certain that North Korea’s military reconnaissance satellite will be properly placed into space orbit and begin its mission in the near future.”

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As for the U.S. call for talks, she said Pyongyang authorities “I don’t feel the need to have a dialogue with the United States.” North Korea will continue its “Fighting back in a more aggressive manner forces them to realize that prolonging their hostile policy toward North Korea does them no good,” he said. Kim Yo Jong added.

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