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Taliban clashes with Iranian forces – reports — RT World News

Afghan militants opened fire first, killing two border guards, Iranian officials say

Taliban forces opened fire on Iranian border guards on Saturday, killing at least two people, Iranian state media reported. While the situation is reportedly under control, allegedly unconfirmed video footage shows Taliban fighters transporting weapons across the border.

The incident occurred at the junction of Sistan and Balochistan provinces in Iran and Nimruz province in Afghanistan. The Islamic Republic News Agency quoted police sources as saying that Taliban militants opened fire first, killing at least two Iranian guards.

The Iranians responded in kind, causing “Serious casualties, severe damage” IRNA said.

Taliban officials said Iranian guards opened fire first, killing one person on each side and wounding another.

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The dispute apparently revolves around water rights, with both sides claiming access to the Helmand River.While a 1973 treaty guaranteed Iran and Afghanistan equal access to the river, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi claimed Taliban gunmen were preventing Iranian scientists from monitoring water levels and warned earlier this month that Tehran would not meeting “Allowing the rights of our people to be violated.”

Unverified video footage shared on social media purportedly shows Taliban forces attacking Iranian border posts using US weapons. Another footage showed what appeared to be a convoy of heavy weapons being dragged to the scene of the clashes.

However, the border is “calm” As of Saturday evening, officials from both sides were holding talks to de-escalate the situation.

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