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Tech CEOs issue warning to AI opponents — RT World News

Companies and individuals without AI expertise will perish, Nvidia co-founder claims

Jensen Huang, CEO and co-founder of Nvidia, has warned that artificial intelligence will change the corporate landscape and transform every job, and those who fail to realize it will be left behind.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of National Taiwan University in Taipei, the tech tycoon stressed that both companies and individuals should adapt to the new wave of AI technology or risk falling behind.

“Agile companies will leverage AI and elevate their position. Companies that don’t will perish,” Bloomberg quoted him as saying. “While some fear AI will take their jobs, AI experts will,” Teacher Huang told the graduating students.

Unlike many of his peers in the tech space, Huang doesn’t seem concerned about the risks posed by the rise of artificial intelligence technology or its potential adverse effects. He believes it will soon be used to improve the performance of workers in all walks of life, creating new jobs that never existed before, while also making some occupations obsolete. He encourages students to create new things quickly in the age of AI or risk being left behind.

“For 40 years, we created the PC, Internet, mobile, cloud, and now the age of AI. What will you create? Whatever it is, go after it like we did. Run, don’t go,” He said. “Either you’re running for food, or you’re running from being food.”

AI 'could go wrong' - ChatGPT inventor

However, while the release of chatbots such as ChatGPT has spurred intense interest in AI, several prominent figures in the tech industry have warned of the potential dangers of unregulated adoption of AI technologies.

Earlier this month, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who is responsible for the development of ChatGPT, testified in the US Congress that he worried that AI technology may go downhill. “Big mistake” And urge lawmakers to enact regulations.

In March, around 1,000 tech industry leaders, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, signed an open letter warning of unregulated AI armament The potential dangers of the race, and urged Silicon Valley to take a six-month moratorium on further development.

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