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UK Conservatives suffer crushing defeats in local elections — RT World News

PM Rishi Sunak’s party loses more than 1,000 parliamentary seats in England

Britain’s Conservatives lost more than 1,000 parliamentary seats in Friday’s local elections, with Labor and the Liberal Democrats splitting the spoils.

On Saturday afternoon, 229 of 230 committees reported that Sunak’s party had gained 2,299 of just over 8,000 seats, losing 1,058. Labor gained 2,674 seats, an increase of 536, while the Liberal Democrats gained 1,626, an increase of 405. Independents gained 874 seats, down 80 seats, while the Greens gained 481, doubling their representation in local authorities.

The Conservatives lost control of more than 40 parliaments, including Medway in southeast England, which has been in power since the late 1990s.Labor leader Keir Starmer celebrated his party’s success at Medway, tells supporters “We are on track for a Labor majority at the next general election.”

British PM under ethics probe

In the UK, local elections are often seen as referendums on the party in power. The Conservative Party has been in power since 2010, although the last year of Conservative rule was a turbulent one. Boris Johnson, who resigned in disgrace as prime minister amid last summer’s “Partygate” scandal, was succeeded by Liz Truss, who managed to pass a multibillion-pound budget in her six weeks in office. Tax cuts for the depreciation of the pound.

Former banker Sunak has been touted by the party as a steady hand that can restore economic stability. However, food and energy costs have continued to rise under his leadership and Britain will be the worst-performing large economy in the world this year, according to the International Monetary Fund.

However, local elections are also determined by local issues such as potholes, parking fees and rubbish collection. The Conservatives lost 1,330 seats in 2019 local elections before winning a landslide majority in the general election less than six months later.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Sunak said the results “disappointing,” but he said he was “There was no sign of any massive wave of Labor movement or excitement about their agenda.”

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