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Ukraine considers destroying all bridges around Kiev – BBC — RT World News

Officials reportedly discussed the move as a way to stem Russian advances on the capital

The Ukrainian military is considering demolishing major bridges around Kiev to prevent Russian troops from crossing the Dnieper River in February 2022, the BBC reported.

According to a lengthy BBC report on Ukraine’s commander-in-chief, General Valery Zaluzhny, the proposal came early in Moscow’s offensive, when officials were figuring out how to stop Russian troops from advancing on the Ukrainian capital.

Hope to block the route on the Dnieper, “High-ranking official” The head of the SBU intelligence agency, Ivan Bakanov, was reportedly called at the time and asked to order special forces to destroy every major bridge in the area. However, when the intelligence chief sought Zaluzhny’s opinion, he was quickly turned down.

U.S. knows Ukraine plans to destroy Kakhovka dam - Moscow

“Under no circumstances can we do that. It would be a betrayal of civilians and troops remaining on the East Bank,” He has reportedly told Bakanov.

“This would be a betrayal of the civilians and military that remained on the East Bank,” Zaluzhny was quoted as saying.

Since fighting broke out last year, Kiev’s plan has never been fully implemented, with only some bridges in the capital region blown up, although Ukrainian forces have deliberately demolished several bridges to slow the Russian advance.

After weeks of heavy fighting on the outskirts of Kiev, Russian troops withdrew from the area in spring 2022.The Kremlin interpreted the decision at the time as “friendly gesture” Designed to aid in peace negotiations.

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