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What’s behind UK politics against immigration? | TV show

Despite the tough government policy, the number of people arriving in the UK is still at a record high.

Immigration is a central theme in British politics, with the current Conservative government taking a hard line on people seeking to come and settle in the UK.

A minister has described Britain as facing invasion, comments widely criticized by rights groups.

Government policy includes proposals to process applications from Rwandan asylum seekers.

The opposition Labor Party said it also wanted to reduce arrivals, but had a different plan.

However, figures released this week showed record levels of net migration, with net inflows of more than 600,000 people, despite the sour political climate.

Why is there such a strong political opposition to immigration in the UK?

host: Stupid Bah Thibault

Christa Rottensteiner – Head of UK Mission, IOM

Fizza Qureshi — CEO, Immigrant Rights Network

Peter Geoghegan — editor-in-chief of the independent news site openDemocracy

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