Strong activation of anti-bacterial T cells linked to severe COVID-19: A type of anti-bacterial T cells, so-called MAIT cells, are strongly activated in people with moderate to severe COVID-19 disease, according to a study

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Mike Pompeo spent taxpayer funds on pens made in China for elite dinners

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrives with his wife Susan Pompeo at the airport in Prague, Czech Republic, August 11, 2020.Petr David...

McDonald’s to launch its fried chicken sandwich in the U.S. next year

McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Deluxe Crispy Chicken SandwichSource: McDonald'sChick-fil-A and Popeyes will soon face another competitor in the battle for the best...

The Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’ is a gamble for Warner Bros.

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Supply chains will become more local in the pharma industry: healthcare CEO

Drug supply chains may become less global as a result of the pandemic, according to the chief executive of a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Martin Meeson,...

Cuomo backers pause fundraising during sexual harassment scandal

Key financial backers of Andrew Cuomo are pausing and reevaluating their support for the New York governor, who has been accused of sexual...