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Bro, are you even decarb?

“The Nissan Leaf — it’s not a cool car,” she said. “But you get in a Tesla—now that thing is beyond words.”

The decarb bros might find people hiring.

More than $64 billion in new funding was announced last year for companies investing in climate start-ups, newsletter Climate Tech VC reported. Enthusiasm for climate tech remains despite recession fears.

Startup founder Mr McGinniss said the decarbonisation brothers’ techno-optimist, anti-doom and gloom ethos runs through the climate tech ecosystem. According to him, climate technology is full of optimism: “There are amazing solutions out there.”

Climate technology is “bright, shiny, new and full of opportunity,” said Naya Shim, an associate at the Climate Technology Fellowship Program. “It’s a gold mine.”

There is also an urgent need for society to emphasize the economic benefits of the climate movement, according to Ms Shim. While she doesn’t consider herself a Decarbon Brother, she has noticed the impact of the Decarbon Brother philosophy and its message of economic opportunity on her peers.

People used to want to work in encryption or get high paying jobs at software companies selling ads. Now, Ms Shim is happy to see more of her friends – even her “finance brother” friends – wanting to work in the climate field.

“The next big thing is Earth,” she said. “Without it, there would be no NFTs.”

Scientist, Decarbon Brothers enthusiast and craft beer enthusiast Sara Hastings-Simon says the combination of profit incentives and good for the world is one of the things that sets Decarbon Brothers apart from the rest. The decarbonising brother is “an enlightened climate brother,” she said.

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