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What’s next for Tucker Carlson?Former anchor charts possible routes

Tucker Carlson joins a long line of evening news hosts who had huge audiences before swiftly leaving the network. They continued their careers elsewhere, with mixed results.

Bill O’Reilly, the former host of the Fox News show “The O’Reilly Factor,” was fired in 2017 amid a sexual harassment scandal. Mr. O’Reilly now hosts “No Spin News,” a political opinion podcast that ranks No. 71 on Apple’s list of the top US news show podcasts, according to podcast insights firm Chartable.

Mr. O’Reilly also runs billoreilly.com, a news and opinion site where he broadcasts live interviews with politicians, writes opinion pieces and sells merchandise. The site received 1.2 million visits last month, according to Web traffic monitoring firm SimilarWeb. (Fox News’ flagship news site had 329 million visits during the same period.)

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck left in 2011 to start his own online journalism career. That includes news and video site The Blaze, which had 12 million visits last month, according to SimilarWeb. He also hosts “The Glenn Beck Program,” a radio show and podcast that ranks No. 13 on Apple’s US News Show podcast list, according to Chartable.

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo to be fired in 2021 amid investigation into his efforts to help his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, deal with sexual harassment allegations . The anchor now hosts “CUOMO” on subscription television news network NewsNation. According to SimilarWeb, the site had 5 million visits last month. Last year, two of NewsNation’s top editors resigned after staff complained about right-leaning reporting and poor ratings.

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